Natasha Khatri

Natasha Khatri, PhD, Scientist

At Arkuda, Natasha is collaborating with other talented scientists on the team to advance our understanding of FTD-GRN, its underlying causes and the effects of Arkuda’s small molecule therapies. Her love for neuroscience, combined with her strong passion to help others, motivates her to develop new drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases. She’s also seen the devastating impact of FTD first-hand, as a family that’s close to her has had several individuals diagnosed with familial FTD.

She received her PhD in pharmacology and biomedical neuroscience from Boston University, during which she discovered a novel mechanism underlying autism spectrum disorders. Her broad training and expertise in neuroscience have equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge base to find potential new treatments for FTD-GRN and beyond.