Arkuda is comprised of passionate and experienced team members who are dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by neurodegenerative disease. Armed with deep expertise in biology and the ability to understand the root cause of disease, we are discovering medicines with the potential to positively change the trajectory of neurodegeneration.

Gerhard Koenig


Co-founder, President and CEO

Duane Burnett

Duane Burnett, PhD,

Co-founder, Senior Vice President, Discovery

Serena Hung

Serena Hung, MD,

Head of Clinical Development

Andy Hu

Andy Hu, MD,

Chief Business Officer

Anna-Maria Alves,

Associate Scientist

Jean Francois Blain

Jean-François Blain, PhD,

Vice President, Neurobiology

Morgan Brand,

Associate Scientist

Jerusha Thedsanamoorthy

Jerusha Brendel,

Research Associate

Angela Chen

Angela Chen,


Christopher Holler

Christopher Holler, PhD,

Senior Scientist

Raymond Hurst, PhD,

Vice President, Pharmacology

Jim Lanter

Jim Lanter, PhD,

Vice President, Medicinal Chemistry

Stephanie McTighe, PhD,

Associate Director, Pharmacology

Denise Peters,

Accounting Controller

John Ross,

Senior Toxicologist

Hillary Van Voorhies,

Associate Director, R&D Program Management

Mary Wozniak

Mary Wozniak,

Research Associate