Arkuda is comprised of passionate and experienced team members who are dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by neurodegenerative disease. Armed with deep expertise in biology and the ability to understand the root cause of disease, we are discovering medicines with the potential to positively change the trajectory of neurodegeneration.

Gerhard Koenig

"Losing the quintessential essence of what makes us human is a devastating verdict for people and caregivers alike. To be able to prevent or stop disease progression is Arkuda’s core mission."


Co-founder, President and CEO

Duane Burnett

"I’ve had friends and family affected by neurodegeneration - it’s long been a personal goal of mine to create drugs that can change the course of disease."

Duane Burnett, PhD,

Co-founder, Senior Vice President, Discovery

Andy Hu

"I’ve had loved ones affected by neurodegeneration and experienced firsthand the devastation caused to patients and those close to them."

Andy Hu, MD,

Chief Business Officer

Joanne Bryce

"Finding a solution for neurodegenerative diseases helps not only the patient, but all the people who surround them."

Joanne Bryce,

Chief Financial Officer

Toni Williamson

"FTD-GRN is a particularly devastating form of dementia, with early onset and rapid progression."

Toni Williamson, PhD,

Senior Vice President, Pharmacology and Translational Research

Jean Francois Blain

Jean-François Blain, PhD,

Senior Director, Biology

Angela Chen

Angela Chen,


Christopher Holler

Christopher Holler, PhD,

Senior Scientist

Natasha Khatri

Natasha Khatri, PhD,


Jim Lanter

Jim Lanter, PhD,

Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry

Sarah Park

Sarah Park,

Manager of Operations & Administration

Ricardo Sanz

Ricardo Sanz, PhD,


Jerusha Thedsanamoorthy

Jerusha Thedsanamoorthy,

Research Associate

Mary Wozniak

Mary Wozniak,

Research Associate