Advancing novel targeted medicines to delay the progression or onset of disease

A Focus on Lysosomal Health

With deep insights and understanding of the role of key regulators in lysosomal health and consequently in neurodegeneration, Arkuda’s expert team is advancing the discovery of therapies to delay the onset or progression of neurodegenerative disease. Our first program is focused on increasing endogenous levels of progranulin and granulins in people with asymptomatic GRN-related frontotemporal dementia (FTD-GRN) to improve lysosomal health and prevent progressive neuron death. Future programs will target these and potentially other lysosomal regulators to address lysosomal dysfunction in a broad range of neurodegenerative conditions.

Our leadership team has deep experience in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals with scientific expertise spanning neuroscience, biochemistry, pharmacology and clinical development.  We know first-hand what it takes to create a new drug and bring it to market, and are committed to advancing new treatments to address the challenge of neurodegeneration head-on. Together with the support from a world-renowned clinical advisory board, Arkuda is poised for success in developing drugs that can treat not only FTD-GRN, but other debilitating neurodegenerative diseases.

Our Experienced Team

Arkuda’s initial focus is to develop drugs that increase endogenous progranulin levels in patients with asymptomatic FTD-GRN, thereby increasing lysosomal granulin levels, maintaining protein homeostasis and restoring dysregulated immunomodulation.

We strongly believe we can impact the trajectory of disease. In FTD-GRN, we have the opportunity to intervene early, potentially even before individuals are symptomatic to delay or even prevent the onset of symptoms.

Duane Burnett, PhD
Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Discovery
Arkuda Therapeutics