Bringing new hope to those affected by neurodegenerative diseases

There has been tremendous progress in the understanding of potential causes of neurodegenerative diseases, however there are few treatment options available for patients. While considerable drug development efforts have gone into targeting pathologies such as amyloid beta, tau, and a-synuclein, we believe that additional novel approaches are necessary to truly make a difference in neurodegenerative disease.

Harnessing a deep understanding of the critical role that that lysosomal biology plays in neurodegeneration, we are driving the discovery of medicines with the potential to address disease at the cellular level and positively change the trajectory of neurodegenerative disease.

The range of diseases caused by neurodegeneration are cruel, gradually robbing patients of their sense of selfhood and independence while also flipping the worlds of their friends and family upside-down. These patients and caregivers serve as our inspiration for what we do every day, and we’re dedicated to creating treatments that will truly help them not only live a longer life, but a more meaningful one.

Gerhard Koenig, PhD
Co-Founder, President and CEO
Arkuda Therapeutics